Inner Child

A long lost connection to the roots of your growth to the core of your being. A part inside of you that was brutally pushed away over years, that was crushed under the expectations you thought you'd have to meet. 

To take a look at the deep levels of your subconsciousness can be frighting. There are untapped places. Places you buried in black despair over and over again, deeper and deeper. Places and pain you have been too afraid to face over the years, just because you didn't know any better. Hidden in the darkest corners of your truest self, there exist the limitations that shaped you profoundly. Constraints that control your behavior and thoughts without you even noticing. But in order to relieve those limitations you need to experience what really lives down there.

The inner child, a raw version of yourself. Raw, naked, vulnerable.



Recognizing the wounds your inner child has suffered from is crucial, gently shifting your awareness to what this part really needs from you. Travel back, experiencing how it felt to be that child before all that pain took over.



To reconnect with your inner source, you have to get back in touch with your inner child. Take a moment of silence, set yourself in a meditative state, darken the room, light up a candle and allow yourself to go on an inner journey. Imagine having a conversation with your 8-year-old self. Sitting face-to-face with your younger self, creating a space without judgement, expectations or concerns. Just welcome everything with love, gratitude and curiosity while asking the following questions.


What dreams did I have as a child?

At what moment did I stop being playful? 

How did it feel before I lost my playfulness, experiencing pure joy without guilt, shame and anxiety?

What was it like to fully immerse in a moment, losing sense for time and space? 

How did it feel being at ease with myself before all worries, criticism and rejection?

What would my inner child say to my current self?

What does my inner child want from me and how can I (my adult self) give that to him/her?


Sit with yourself for a moment. Appreciate that you take the time to take care of yourself. Give your inner child a hug and say thank you! Feel free to always come back to that peaceful state and be open for whatever questions or sensations may occur. 

It may be challenging for some to go there, however rewarding for everyone who does so. Facing the parts that shaped you, that defines the way you think, the way you act, the way you are. Overcoming that fear of feeling your emotions, of being overwhelmed by all that pain. Be certain: underneath lies treasure!

Rediscover your inner connection. Get back in contact. Feel the feelings that wanted to be felt a long time, listening to your intuitive wisdom. It has always been there, just slowly vanished in the background. Desperately in need to get heard by you, to finally been taken care of, to receive the love it deserves.


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    I’m anxious to start working on it.

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    Thank you for this. It was well worth the money : )

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